I have vague memories of that day, being at a hospital, knowing that I had a baby sister, chewing on a starburst that filled my entire mouth. It was the day I became a big sister. Yesterday, I got to relive the moment while converting my family’s home videos to DVD. What a cute little baby sister who grew into a beautiful woman! In the video below the first part  is me giving her a hug for the first time, then the moment I get my Big Sister pin, then us shaking hands. When I saw the pin in the video, I stopped, searched through my secret box of 80s jewelry and found it! Here I am today proudly sporting my big sister pin in honor of all my siblings.




Other sister and brother- don’t worry you will have your shining moment when I get to your baby tape! And yes, I will blackmail you with all the embarrassing videos I find. Just kidding. But you better have a stockpile of dark chocolate and iTunes gift cards in case I change my mind.

Mom and Dad- you should add my blog to your RSS feeds. If you don’t know what an RSS feed is or how to add them to your email program I will help you out next time I visit.

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Working with Sarah Walker Film was awesome. Everyone on our team was impressed with Sarah's professionalism and creativity. She developed the theme for the videos and our team had a good time working with Sarah to produce the videos. The final videos far exceed our expectations. She produced 3 to 5 minute videos that provided an overview of our major train control products allowing us to train hundreds of engineers across the globe. Due to her excellent service, we hired Sarah to produce several other videos for Corporate purposes. I would highly recommend Sarah Walker Film to any business who needs high quality and cost effective video products.
Rita Willcoxon General Electric, Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Sarah Waker films produced a video for our business that far exceeded our expectations. The final cut was first-class. Our experience working with Sarah at Surfside was extremely positive. We were very apprehensive and self-conscious but Sarah put us at ease and the process was amazing smooth and enjoyable. She saw our dream and vision and put it into film. I would highly recommend Sarah Walker Films to any business. She is very professional caring and her turn around time is outstanding. We would not use anyone else for our film and video needs.
Tina Campanile, PA-C, PhD

I have the highest regard for your artistry and professionalism and have proudly referred you to multiple people. I wanted you to know how much we appreciate you! Your work is like a time capsule for us and did more than any other part of the event to preserve the memories and emotions of that roller-coaster milestone weekend. THANK YOU again!

Sarah Walker captured the heart beat and story of what Trinity Fitness is all about. Her creative style, pleasant disposition and willingness to listen makes her a home run for any organization. Our team loved the finished product and it was completed in a timely manor. I whole heartedly recommend Sarah Walker Film.
Jason Palmisano Founder/CEO Trinity Fitness